JetFormBuilder Affiliate Program – Get 50% per sale

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JetFormBuilder affiliate program get 50%

How does the Affiliate Program work?

Get a unique affiliate link and start earning with JetFormBuilder.

Step 1

Fill in the short form to register

Step 2

Sign in to your account and generate a unique referral link

Step 3

Place the link across your media to refer new users

Step 4

Get 50% per sale whenever someone purchased via your link

Place it on your website

Tell about your experience working with JetFormBuilder in your blog.

Use it in guest posts

Show how easy one can create a WordPress form using JetFormBuilder plugin.

Send a Newsletter

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Try banner ads

Embed your affiliate link in the banner advertising on your website. Even a small footer link can bring you profit.

Share it on Social Media

Consider giving affiliate links on Twitter, Facebook, or another social media platform.

Create video review

Share your feedback or full JetFormBuilder tutorial with your Youtube subscribers.

Affiliate Program Policy

Learn about the terms and conditions related to JetFormBuilder Affiliate Program

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