Form Features

Create complex forms with specific features to improve the user experience. Add autocomplete fields, make a long-form multi-step, and help visitors not to lose filled-in data after page reload.

Hierarchical Select

A form-enriching tweak that allows you to output multi-level Select field groups.

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User Login

A post-submit action addon allowing users to log in by the provided email/login & password.

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Advanced Color Picker

A field-enriching tweak that adds color picker functionality to frontend forms.

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Select Autocomplete

A tweak to auto-fill the values dynamically in the Select field type.

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Address Autocomplete

A dynamic addon that suggests up to 5 places in order to auto-fill the Address field.

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Save Form Progress

A tweak to autosave the form progress and inputted data if the filling process was interrupted.

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Schedule Forms

A supplementary plugin that lets you set the form availability time frame.

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Limit Form Responses

A lightweight addon to control the overall number of form submissions and those per user.

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Email Marketing

Collect and manage data the way you like the most. Grab subscribers using the catching form and organize your mailing lists with the help of the preferred email marketing tool.


A form addon for more effective visitor data management and newsletter sending.

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ConvertKit Action

An email marketing addon to ensure higher audience reach and income from mailing lists.

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MailerLite Action

A top-notch addon to bring your email marketing to the next level.

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Marketing Automation

Looking for a way to automate your email marketing campaign? Pick the favorite integration that would ease the subscribers’ management.


A form extension to effectively manage subscribers and automate email marketing.

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CRM & Sales

Link your fetching form with the mighty CRMs to generate leads more than ever! Get all the data you need from the visitors and handle it in a convenient database with lots of options.


A mailing list addon that lets you alter the existing contacts and easily add new ones.

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Pick the payment methods you and your clients use the most, add them to your forms, and spice them up with the actions before and after payment. Get your site ready for e-commerce smoothly.

PayPal Recurring Payments

A tweak that allows creating subscriptions and accept recurring payments via PayPal forms

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WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Action

An extra plugin to integrate Gutenberg-built forms and WooCommerce checkout.

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Stripe Payments

A supplementary software to integrate your forms and Stripe payment system.

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