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Alexander Bulat

Alex is an avid enthusiast of art and black-and-white comic novels. In his role at Crocoblock, he combines his passion for creativity and storytelling.

Mikhailo Fashchevskiy

Mihail, a content writer at Crocoblock, specializes in turning complex WordPress features into engaging, easy-to-understand stories. He is always on the pulse of the latest tech trends, infusing his work with cutting-edge insights.

Kateryna Ryzha

Kateryna is a content writer at Crocoblock. She obtained a degree in English and French Linguistics and American Studies.

Helena Ivanova

Helena is a digital marketer with an insatiable curiosity and love for travel and dogs. She has been creating WordPress websites as a freelancer for 12 years.

Daria Zelinska

Daria is a passionate copywriter, language learner, and melomaniac. She loves content marketing and always looks to hone her craft.

Anastasiia Usichenko

Anastasiia is a copywriter at Crocoblock who adores travelling, digital marketing and ballroom dance.