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Recurring payments & WooCommerce checkout

Build secure forms and integrate payment gateways to accept payments on the site and sell online.

  • PayPal Recurring Payments
  • Stripe Payments
  • WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Action
booking form with additional services and calculations

AI-powered form

Generate the desired form type using a simple textual prompt. The forms are created automatically, bypassing manual field addition.

generating a registration form using jetformbuilder ai

Lead generation & contact forms

  • Security (Captcha, Honeypot, GDPR)
  • Sanitize input values
  • Save form progress
  • Masked input
  • Save and export form records

User authentication

  • User login
  • Verification
  • Reset password
  • Two render states
user registration form example

User-generated content

Give users the ability to add content to the site and edit it – all through front-end forms.

  • Using default values and data from multiple sources
  • Repeater fields
  • Adding and updating CPT and CCT front-end posts
  • User profile update
sources for pre-filling form options

Multi-step forms

Break the form fields into logical steps to make them easy to digest and save the webpage space.

multi-step form

Conditional logic & calculations

Create smart forms reacting to User choices and personalize the form experience by performing calculations.

  • Conditional Fields
  • Conditional Actions

PDF generation

  • Generate PDF upon form submission with submitted data
  • Attach the generated PDF to the email
  • Add and edit PDF templates
generating a PDF file for invoice

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Where to Get Help About JetFormBuilder

Rich Documentation

Refer to Help Center for well-documented use cases, feature overviews, and tips.


YouTube Tutorials

Detailed how-tos, live Q&As, and more video content to help you master JetPlugins.


Facebook Community

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Technical Support

Ask support agents a question and share its details via chat messages.


WordPress Experts Trust Us

Don’t take our word for it – see what others have to say.

yannick garcia

Naomi Suzuki

WordPress community manager

JetFormBuilder is better than any other plugins I’ve seen. With it, you can create not only regular contact forms but also complex functional forms that enable you to log in, create a new post and a user, edit them, trigger a webhook, redirect, send a verification email, etc., without writing a single line of code! My community members also love it. It’s my go-to form plugin.
abdul muqsit

Benjamin Onn

Web Developer

JetFormBuilder has completely transformed my approach to form creation, turning what was once a complex task into a seamless experience. The plugin’s powerful features, including dynamic values, conditional logic, repeater, calculated fields, and third-party integrations, have positioned it far ahead in the realm of WordPress form builders. Creating tutorials on JetFormBuilder has been an absolute joy, showcasing its unparalleled adaptability and capabilities in my projects. But it’s not just about the features; the outstanding support has been the cherry on top, turning challenges into mere speed bumps. In the world of WordPress forms, JetFormBuilder isn’t just a plugin; it’s a solution that raises the bar. With consistent updates and improvements, JetFormBuilder is my unequivocal choice.
haim benisty

Osamu Wakabayshi

Web Developer

JetFormBuilder has greatly improved my ability to offer high-quality, dynamic content websites to my clients. Its versatility allows it to handle everything from simple contact forms to complex multi-step processes within the Gutenberg editor. The smart features like conditional logic, dynamic values, and calculated fields not only enhance the form’s usability but also add a professional touch that my clients appreciate. Moreover, the continuous support and improvements from the Crocoblock team make it a reliable tool for both novice and experienced developers.

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