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mailpoet subscribe form
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Connect sign-up forms to MailPoet

MailPoet Action is a JetFormBuilder addon that helps you link a subscription form to the WordPress MailPoet plugin. Thanks to it, you will be able to collect leads from your sign-up forms and landing pages, add subscribers to mailing lists, share exclusive content and promote your products via newsletters, as well as manage subscribers. It’s super convenient since MailPoet functionalities are accessible through WordPress Dashboard.

Addon Functionality:
  • MailPoet synchronization
  • Advanced notifications

mailpoet form settings

Unlock All Addon Options

mailpoet form settings
“Make a request” button

Hit this button to synchronize the form data and the MailPoet plugin.

Mailing Lists

Here are stored the mailing lists you created with the help of MailPoet.

Send Confirmation Email

Activate this toggle to make users confirm their accounts via email.

Send Welcome Email

Allows you to send a welcome email to a newly subscribed member.

Skip Subscriber Notification

Enable this option and users won’t receive any notifications upon registration.

Fields Map

This is a set of fields that will be displayed in your form. Pick the corresponding meta fields for Fields Map to work properly.

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How to Configure MailPoet Action

How to set up

To install the addon, go to JetFormBuilder > Addons and find the “MailPoet Integration” addon in the All Available Addons section. Press the “Install Addon” button and, once installed, it will appear on Your Installed Addons. Next, click “Activate Addon” to get it ready for further work.

uploading the mailpoet plugin to WP

To make the MailPoet Integration work as intended, you will have to install the corresponding plugin. Go to the WordPress website and download the MailPoet plugin. Then navigate to Plugins > Add New, hit the “Upload Plugin” button. Then click the “Choose File” button and choose the MailPoet plugin you have just downloaded. After that, hit the “Install” button.

Once the plugin is installed, it needs to be activated by pressing the “Activate Plugin” button.

In the end, you need both these plugins active and ready to go.

mailpoet plugin and addon in the plugins list
How to obtain MailPoet key

After you install and activate the MailPoet plugin, you will see that a new item has been added to your admin panel, called MailPoet. To start using its subitems, you are supposed to sign up for an account.

mailpoet welcome screen

Click the “Continue” button and start completing the steps. Once asked to sign up with MailPoet, you will be redirected to the account creation page. Enter your email address, come up with a password, verify your email, and fill out a short questionnaire. After all these steps, you will be taken to your MailPoet account page. In the My Subscriptions tab, there will be the MailPoet key. Copy it.

copying the mailpoet key to clipboard

Proceed to MailPoet > Settings > Key Activation, and paste the MailPoet key to the Activation Key field. Then press the “Verify” button.

key activation tab in mailpoet settings

After the key is verified, you can proceed to configure the MailPoet Action addon itself.

How to configure MailPoet Action

Open your website’s dashboard and go to JetForms > Forms. If you already have a form you would like to link with MailPoet, open it. If not, click on the “Add New” button.

In the right-side menu, open the Post Submit Actions section, click on the “New Action” button and choose the “MailPoet” option from the drop-down list.

mailpoet option in post submit actions

Click on the edit button with a pencil-shaped icon on it, and the Edit Action window will open. You will be shown the “Make a request” button. Press it to synchronize the JetFromBuilder form’s data and your MailPoet account.

mailpoet action editing window and settings

As soon as the data is synced, you will see the rest of the MailPoet Action settings.

  • Lists. This is a Checkbox field type containing the mailing lists you created with MailPoet. By default, there’s one list only – Newsletter mailing list. In case you created any lists manually, choose the one you need this form to be linked with;
  • Send Confirmation Email. A toggle switcher that lets you enable/disable the sending of a confirmation link to the email address specified by the user. If active, the subscriber’s details will be saved with the Subscribed status. If inactive, the member’s registration info will be saved as Unconfirmed. To change the status, navigate to MailPoet > Subscribers, then click on the subscriber’s email, and choose the desired status in the Status drop-down select;
  • Schedule Welcome Email. When this toggle is activated, every new user who subscribes to your mailing list will receive a welcome email. Please note that in order for this option to work properly, you will need to set up a welcome email first;
  • Skip Subscriber Notification. Turn this toggle on to skip notifications when users register;
  • Fields Map. This section contains the fields that have to be filled from the form that the user submits. The Email field is required, and the remaining fields are not. To create a connection between the form field and the user’s field in MailPoet, choose the corresponding form field in the drop-down list near the Email, First Name, and Last Name positions.

Once you are done, press the “Update” button. Now, when the user submits the form, the new subscriber will appear in the MailPoet > Subscribers pathway.

Tip: MailPoet Action will not work as expected without a free MailPoet plugin for WordPress. Please care to download it and then add this plugin to your WP project.

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