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User Login Action

A post-submit action addon allowing users to log in by the provided email/login & password.

user login addon login form
Works with any WordPress theme

Create functional User Login forms

User Login Action is a JetFormBuilder addon using the standard authorization method. It allows you to identify registered users, let them log into the system, and reset passwords. Use Remember Me capability and secure cookies, too. 

Wide range of intended uses

The addon is fit-for-purpose and works smoothly for e-commerce, membership, multivendor directory, and other website types. Link every form field to the corresponding function parameter and place the form on the Login page.

jetformbuilder user login form

Explore Functionality

Reset password forms
Build forms, adjust fields output based on render states, and apply a time-limited reset password token.
Custom form layout
Transform Reset Password Fields into Group to get a custom form layout with Text fields inside.
Updated post-submit actions
Configure the reset password logic using actions and send custom text in the reset email.

Unlock All Addon Options

user login addon form action
User Login Field

Allows users to enter their user name or email address.

User Password Field

Allows registered users to enter their passwords.

Reset Password Button

Outputs a button with custom text depending on the render state.

Reset Password Fields

Outputs either two password fields or one login field as per the render state.

Remember Field

Use a Checkbox Field block here to make the form keep the cookie for two weeks.

Whether to use secure cookie

Activate this toggle to secure the authentication for HTTPS-based websites.

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How to Configure User Login Action

How to set up

Go to JetFormBuilder > Addons and find the “User Login Action” addon in the All Available Addons section to install the addon. Press the “Install Addon” button and, once installed, it will appear on Your Installed Addons. Next, click “Activate Addon” to get it ready for further work.

user login addon installation and activation

As you can see, all PRO version add-ons can be easily installed and activated via JetFormBuilder Dashboard.

After you finish installing and activating the plugin, a new action called “User Login” will appear in the Post Submit Actions section.

User Login Action Settings

Navigate to JetFormBuilder > Forms and open the created Login form of yours. If you do not have any, create one. Open the Post Submit Actions section in the right sidebar, press the “New Action” button, and pick the “User Login” option in the drop-down list.

user login option in post submit actions

Click on the edit button with a pencil-shaped icon, and you will see the Edit Action window. Let’s go over the User Login addon’s settings.

user login editing window and settings
  • User Login Field. In this drop-down select, you need to pick the associated login field of the form you are editing;
  • User Password Field. Pick here the corresponding password field of the current form;
  • Remember Field. This field works best with the Checkbox Field block. It allows you to add a frontend functionality that remembers user credentials and keeps the user logged in for 14 days in a row;
  • Whether to use secure cookie. If your website runs on the HTTPS protocol, enable this toggle for secure authorization. If you use HTTP, please ignore this option.

Once you’re done, hit the “Update” button and refresh the form. Please note that the Login User post-submit action does not imply redirecting the user to another page afterward. If you wish to add a redirect feature, make sure to set up the Redirect to Page action.

Tip: By default, the User Login Action addon offers no redirect feature. If you want to redirect the user to a specific page (e.g., user profile or account page) after they log in successfully, make sure to set up another JetFormBuilder post-submit action called Redirect to Page.

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