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Save Form Progress

A tweak to autosave the form progress and inputted data if the filling process was interrupted.

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Secure form progress from being lost

Save Form Progress is a JetFormBuilder addon that automatically saves the form progress if there are any interruptions. It’s a browser-specific addon, which works for both logged-in users and visitors. By enabling just one toggle called Save Form Progress, you become able to secure the job application, order, support request, event registration, survey, request a quote, and other form types.

Explore Functionality

Local Storage for form values
Saving the form values to Local Storages means the form progress will be stored in the browser and linked to the form ID.
Calculation results can be pre-saved and further updated according to the data inputted in the form fields.
Triggered conditions
The addon implies saving the triggered form conditions, which comply with the data inserted in the form fields.
Active steps in multi-step forms
The completed steps will remain visible on the progress bar if the form was abandoned.
Uploaded media files
The addon saves all media files attached to the form prior to its interruption.

Autocomplete fields
Saves the data in the Select field (Select Autocomplete addon) and addresses (Address Autocomplete addon).

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How to Configure Save Form Progress

How to set up

To install the addon, go to JetFormBuilder > Addons and find the “Save Form Progress” addon in the All Available Addons section. Press the “Install Addon” button and, once installed, it will appear on Your Installed Addons. Next, click “Activate Addon” to get it ready for further work.

save form progress addon uploading

As you can see, all PRO version addons can be installed and activated through JetFormBuilder Dashboard.

After you are done with the plugin installation and activation, the new settings section called Form Progress will appear. To find it, follow the JetForms > Forms directory and open to edit one of the forms you have. In the right-side menu, you will see the Form Progress section.

toggle enabling the save form progress functionality

The Save form progress toggle allows you to enable/disable the functionality of the Save Form Progress addon. Switch it ON to activate the form progress saving mode.

  • To be on the safe side, install the addon that is great for very long forms and make the form multi-step so it’s even more user-friendly.
  • Save Form Progress is indispensable if you build forms with JetAppointment & JetBooking.

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