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JetFormBuilder: Pricing Update with Revamped Features List

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JetFormBuilder Pricing Changes (2)

Evolution is the heartbeat of progress, and forms are the key element when it comes to successful two-way communication on websites. Speaking of evolution, the Crocoblock developers’ team has recently been giving a lot of love and attention to nurturing the growth of the JetFormBuilder plugin. If you’re already using and enjoying this tool, great! If not, you might want to check out this article detailing the plugin’s milestones and recent updates.

As of now, JetFormBuilder is one of our focal points, and we were very inspired to see your enthusiasm about new features; this was a huge encouragement for us to create even more cool things for you. 

There is good news about the pricing scheme as well. Now, it has become more logical and affordable for those who use it for many projects. 

The one-subscription plan has been slightly raised by $10. I guess most of you guys will not even notice it, but to rephrase the legend, “That’s one small step for you, one giant leap for Crocoblock,” as this price upgrade will give us a bit more resources to invest in the project’s development. 

The New Pricing Scheme

In the new pricing, we’ve focused on bringing to the table the product each of our clients’ categories seeks for.

WordPress form builder

Casual users can get it for $49 a year for one project, more seasoned developers pay $79 for up to five websites, and experts will enjoy all the advantages and unlimited site count for $129 annually. 

And, well, we have the audacity to say that it’s the most lucrative offer in the market for the functionality it provides. 

As always, Crocoblock Lifetime owners get it for free forever, and subscribers of the yearly All-Inclusive Crocoblock bundle get all the Pro add-ons of JetFormBuilder for free for the first year

As you can see, we have the lowest pricing policy, as always, making our products affordable and delivering one of the best and most potent feature lists on the market. 

The price change will only affect new users. Those who already have a JetFormBuilder subscription will remain on the old pricing plan ($39 for one project and $79 for the Unlimited plan). The changes will come into force on May 15, 2024. As you can see, we have the lowest pricing policy, as always, making our products affordable and delivering one of the best and most potent feature lists on the market.

Speaking of the feature list, let me mention the recent perks we’ve added during the last few updates.

JetFormBuilder’s Core Features and Add-ons Added in 2024

This year, the plugin definitely got revamped, and it now offers a set of tools worth hundreds of dollars per year, according to our competitors. 😏 The progress has been so fast recently that you may have lost sight of some features, so let me remind you about them.

  • Formless Actions Endpoints Addon – a unique feature to perform form actions without the form itself to turn your website into the back-end for an app or a static website. 
  • PDF Attachment Addon to generate PDFs based on the submitted forms. 
  • AI Form Generation to streamline the process of form creation. 
  • Email/Admin Form Verification – perfect for the user registration forms; they can be verified either manually by the admin or using the link sent to the user. 
  • Advanced Choice field puts the average Checkbox field on steroids. Now, you can add images with or without descriptions or controls. Perfect for quizzes, surveys, and any other form type. 
  • Switcher Field that easily integrates with the Conditional block to create advanced multi-step and ordinary forms or just use it as a yes/no choice field.   
  • New CAPTCHAs, including reCAPTCHA, hCAPTCHA, Friendly CAPTCHA, Turnstile, and a Honeypot CAPTCHA.
  • Server-Side Handler for advanced validation rules based on your custom PHP callbacks, which you can add right in the form settings. 
  • JetForm widget for Bricks allows you to style your forms easily. 
  • Handy Welcome Block with form templates for even more friendly UX and to save you time. 

Other than that, a lot of existing features were improved, including sanitizing, bulk options for Select/Checkbox/Radio fields, improved Hidden field, more convenient form styling, rich content, and so on. For the full changelog, check the GitHub page

These are only the 2024 updates, but as you probably already know, JetFormBuilder offered an impressive list of powerful features even before these updates, as well as a seamless integration with other Crocoblock plugins that adds extra functionality to the form builder. 

I hope you enjoy the plugins, new features, and the convenient and affordable pricing policy!

Bottom Line

JetFormBuilder is still quite a new plugin on the market, as it was launched only in 2021 and now become a focal point for the Crocoblock team. This year, it was revamped, and a lot of new features were added. We will continue to work hard on the plugin’s development to constantly deliver even more, providing you with a great tool for your WordPress projects.

Still have some questions?

Do I get a free JetFormBuilder license if I'm a Crocoblock suite subscriber?

If you own the Lifetime or Freelance Lifetime, you also get a free JetFormBuilder Pro subscription forever for unlimited sites. But if you are an All-Inclusive yearly plan subscriber, you get it for free only for the first year as a bonus. After one year, if you want to continue using JetFormBuilder Pro add-ons, you should buy a separate license on this website.

How to activate JetFormBuilder Pro add-ons if I've already used a free version of the plugin?

Use this video guide to activate Pro add-ons.

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