Send Email

send email action editing menu

When the user hits the “Submit” button of the form, this action sends a message to some email.


  • Mail To. This is where you choose who will receive the message:
    • Admin email – the email that is mentioned in the admin’s user account;
    • Email from submitted form field – the address will be taken from one of the fields the user has just filled. You will be able to specify the field in the From Field drop-down menu. This option is the best if you want to send the letters dynamically to the address the user just added;
    • Custom email – in the Email Address bar, you can type the email address to which the message will be sent;
  • Reply To. Here you can set the address that you would like to use for receiving answers;
  • Subject. The subject of the letter that the user will receive. It can be simple text, and you also have the option to insert values from the fields of the submitted form. To do this, click the icon shaped like a wrench and choose the desired macros;
  • From Name. The name that will be mentioned in the From bar of the letter;
  • From Address. The email address that will be added as the address of the letter sender;
  • Content type. Here you choose if the message will be Plain Text or an HTML code;
  • Content. This is the body of the message. Insert the text or HTML code into this text area.


From the 2.1.0 version, the Send Email action has a new Attachments functionality. Now the files can be added to the emails. To proceed to the functionality, select the “Send Email” option from the Post Submit Actions drop-down menu and click the pencil-shaped button to edit the action.

edit send email post submit action

Move to the end of the Edit Action pop-up to the Attachments section.

attachments from the media field

To attach a file to the email, you need to create a Media Field in the JetFormBuilder form. Select this form field as one to get the attachment from.


Please note that the attachment will only be added to the email if the “Insert Attachment” option was initially checked in the Media Field.

insert attachment toggle

After you select the needed Media Field for the Attachments field in the action, hit the “Update” button.

In this way, you can attach to the email the file that was added during the form submission. 

Another way to attach a file is to preset the existing file from the Media Library. Here is an example where the image is preset from the current Post Thumbnail. Also, you can get a file and attach it from the meta field.

form preset settings

Be aware that the files from the Repeater Field should not be attached in the Send Email action because this function isn’t intended for this field type.

To watch the result, update the form, add it to the page if you haven’t done it yet, fill in the fields, attach the file in the Media Field and submit the form.

form with the attached file on the front end

The image was successfully attached to the email.

That’s all. Now you know more about the Send Email post submit action settings of the JetFormBuilder WordPress plugin.