Send Email

send email action editing menu

When the user hits the “Submit” button of the form, this action sends a message to some email.


  • Mail To. This is where you choose who will receive the message:
    • Admin email – the email that is mentioned in the admin’s user account;
    • Email from submitted form field – the address will be taken from one of the fields the user has just filled. You will be able to specify the field in the From Field drop-down menu. This option is the best if you want to send the letters dynamically, to the address the user just added;
    • Custom email – in the Email Address bar, you can type the email address to which the message will be sent;
  • Reply To. Here you can set the address, which you would like to use for receiving answers;
  • Subject. The subject of the letter that the user will receive;
  • From Name. The name that will be mentioned in the “From” bar of the letter;
  • From Address. The email address that will be added as the address of the letter sender;
  • Content type. Here you choose if the message will be Plain Text or an HTML code;
  • Content. This is the body of the message. Insert the text or HTML code into this text area.