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How to Add and Use Dynamic Repeater in the Form

The Repeater Field from JetFormBuilder allows users to add as many repeated entries as needed using the predefined JetFormBuilder fields (i.e., to add information on required additional services, guests, team members, photos, files, etc.).

Adding the Repeater Field to the Form

Open the form, find the Repeater Field block, and drag-n-drop it into the form.

jetformbuilder repeater field block

The Repeater Field Settings

The Repeater Field has the following groups of settings: General, Field, and Advanced.

The General settings are: 

  • Field Label field to type the field label shown on the form; upper and lower cases, spaces, commas, etc. are available;
  • Form Field Name field to type the field name for further use this name in calculations; this field should contain only lowercase Latin letters, numbers, ‘-’ or ‘_’ chars, and no spaces;
  • Field Description field to type a text to explain something to users;
  • Default Value field to type a default value or to select it from a source as Post, User, URL Query Variable, or Option Page.
repeater field settings

The Field settings are:

  • Manage Repeater Items Count drop-down menu allows selecting the items count way: Manually or Dynamically (get count from form field)
    • If set, the default Manually option will enable users to add as many entries as they need; this option turns on the Add New Item Label bar to click the button for adding a new entry. 
    • If selected, the Dynamically (get count from form field) option turns on the Field Items Count drop-down menu to choose the form field to get the count.Calculate Repeater Row Value drop-down menu has two options: Default (returns rows count) and Custom (calculate a custom value for each row). The Custom option sets a math formula to calculate field value if selected.
calculated field in repeaters

The Advanced settings are:

  • Add Prev Page Button toggle, if enabled, turns on the Prev Page Button Label field to type the appropriate text;
  • Field Visibility drop-down menu allows choosing the visibility mode from the For all, Only for logged users, and Only for NOT-logged users options;
  • CSS Class Name field to type the CSS class name to customize the Repeater field appearance.
advanced settings of repeater fields

Adding Nested Fields

To add fields inside the Repeater, press the plus icon and drag-n-drop the necessary fields.

adding nested fields into repeater fields

Adding Calculated Fields

Users can add the Calculated fields into the Repeater field or outside the Repeater for calculations. Find the Calculated Field and drag-n-drop it where you need.


Use the JetFormBuilder macros (i.e., booking macros) for price settings such as seasonal prices, rates, and outlet prices. This macro takes all this into account and gives the correct costs.

Navigate to the Repeater field settings to calculate the formulation inside the Repeater field.

Select the Custom (calculate custom value for each row) option from the  Manage repeater items count drop-down menu. This option turns on the Calculation Formula for the Repeater Field on the top of the Repeater Field to add the formula for calculations. For example, the form below calculates the additional service costs for each guest using the Calculated Fields.

calculated fields in repeaters

To use the data calculated by the Repeater field to the Calculated Field, add the Calculated Field and type the needed formulation. Add the Repeater Field name into the formula to use the repeater data.

calculated field outside the repeater

Using Meta-Fields for Calculations

To calculate the total costs for the CPT, use its meta fields. The formulation with meta fields will look as follows:


(here, the booking_price is a CPT meta field).

metafield usage in forms

Adding Forms to a Single Page

Create a Single Page you need, navigate to the settings block, and specify the CPT you need.

single page settings

Find the JetForm widget and select the form you need.

single page settings

The added form on the front end looks as follows.

front end view of the jet form

That’s all about adding and using the Dynamic Repeater Field in forms.