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Map Field Overview

map field overview

This field allows the user to input coordinates by pinning the needed location on the map. The location can be stored in three different ways: as a string with location Lat and Lng separated by coma, as an array, and as a plain address. The value of the Map Field can be saved conveniently into the Map meta field of the JetEngine plugin.


The Map Field type requires both the JetEngine (3.0.3) plugin and its Map Listing feature to be activated.


map field settings

Map Settings

Field format. Here, select the way to store the location:

  • String – the coordinates will be stored as a string with location latitude and longitude separated by a comma. For example: 46.969686110698525,31.991035188696703;
  • Array – the location will be stored as an array of latitude and longitude. Example: {“lat”:46.969686110698525,”lng”:31.991035188696703};
  • Address – the coordinates will have the format of a physical address, like this: 6 Walnut Road, Manchester SW1A 1AA, UK;

If you store the value of this field into the Map meta field of JetEngine, make sure to select the same value format there.

Height. Specify the size of the map here.

map settings of the jetformbuilder map field

Style Settings

styling the map field with jetstylemanager

If you have installed the JetStyleManager plugin, the Block Style button will appear in the top right corner of the editing window. Here are the styling settings you can meet there: