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How to Update Repeater Form Field

This tutorial will provide all information about settings in the JetFormBuilder’s form to update the Repeater field type.

Check the Repeater Meta Field

Initially, check whether there is a filled-in “Repeater” meta field for some object which can be updated using the front-end form.

For example, we previously created a Meta Box for users, where a user can fill in information about education. Check how to apply Meta Box to users.

repeater fields for the user

Then complete these fields, so the values can be updated later.

completed repeater fields for user

Add the Repeater Field in the Form

Now we can work on the form created using the JetFormBuilder plugin to update the user repeater field.

In the form, we added a Hidden Field with the “Current User ID” as a Field Value since the form will update the repeater field values of the current user.

current user id field value in the hidden field

Then add the Repeater Field itself.


In the Repeater Field, we wrote its name as “_education” since the name of the repeater field in the form must be the same as in the Meta Box.

By clicking on the plus icon inside of the Repeater Field, the fields can be inserted.

repeater field plus icon

In the user’s “Repeater” meta field, the “Text” and “Date” fields are used. Therefore, we add the fields of these types to the form accordingly. These fields must also have the field names as written in the meta box.
For example, this “Text” field has the “_employee-education-institution” name in the Meta Box.

text field name

This is why we copied the meta field name and inserted it into the form field name of the “Text” field in the Repeater in the form. The same was done for other fields in the form.

text field in repeater

All the fields are added with the field names as in the user Meta Box, and we can proceed with other settings.

Set Up a Preset in the Form

Now, we should Enable the preset in the Preset Settings of the form. The Preset allows loading of the existing values in the user Meta Box into the fields of the form, so a user can see which values are updated in the fields.

enable toggle in the preset settings section

In the Preset Settings, a source should be selected as “User” because we update a user’s data.

The Get User ID From needs to be set to “Current user” so the form pulls the data of a currently logged-in user.

The user_id field is mapped to the “User ID” property.

As for the _education repeater form field, it is mapped to the “User Meta” and “_education” repeater meta field, so the meta data is pulled from there. The inner repeater meta fields do not need fields selected in the preset. Just presetting the repeater field is enough.

adjusted preset settings

Configure the Post Submit Action

Lastly, we should configure the “Update User” post submit action.

To do so, go to the Post Submit Actions tab. Add an “Update User” action, and click the pencil icon to edit its settings.

In the user_id field, select the “User ID (will update this user)” option.

And map the _education field to the User Meta – “_education”.

This way, the values from the form fields will be added to the user meta fields.

edit action pop-up

Hit the “Update” button to save the action settings and update the form.

Check Results on the Front End

Check the result on the front end. We can see the form presets the data from the “Repeater” field of the current user successfully, and now we can edit this data.

completed form on the front end

Let us change the dates in the Education start/end “Date” fields and add the country name in the City, country field.

info changed in the form fields

 After editing the fields, we can submit the form.

form successfully submitted message

Check the User meta fields now. We can see the values have been updated in the fields that were edited via a front-end form. The form successfully updates the meta fields in the Repeater in the user Meta Box.

updated meta fields

That is it; now you know how to update a JetEngine’s “Repeater” meta field values using the front-end form built with the JetFormBuilder plugin.