How to Validate WordPress Form Fields Without Submitting

Field validation is an automated process of determining that all fields contain correct values before the WordPress form is accepted.

First of all, you need to create a form. Here’s an example of a simple form with a Number field, a Select field, and a Checkbox and Calculated fields combo.

calorie calculator form

There is no “Submit” button, and if there are any conditions set to the fields, e.g., Min and Max value, it’s impossible to determine whether the user enters a correct value.

field settings min and max value

The second step is to either copy the post ID from the form’s URL or head back to the JetFormBuilder > Forms folder. Find the necessary form and get its ID from the Shortcode column.

id of the form

Now, to implement the fields validation without clicking the “Submit” button, you need to go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme File Editor.

Then click on the functions.php file in the right sidebar.

functions file

Scroll down the file and add the filter where your-form-id will be the ID you previously copied:

add_action( 'wp_footer', function () { ?>
  jQuery( '.jet-form-builder[data-form-id="your-form-id"] input, .jet-form-builder[data-form-id="your-form-id"] select' ).on( 'blur', function() {
    } );
<?php } );
code for field validation

Don’t forget to click the “Update File” button. On the front end, a user will see a certain tooltip if the entered value is incorrect without clicking the “Submit” button.

incorrect value

Now you know the easiest way of implementing field validation without submitting the form.