Repeater Field

repeater form field appearance

There are cases when you can’t be sure how many fields the user will need in the form. For example, you are creating a form for table booking and want the user to insert the names of the visitors. That is why you may need a Repeater Field. With its help, you can create a repeatable block and include as many fields there as you need. The user will be able to add several blocks according to the necessary quantity.


repeater form field settings

Field Settings

Manage repeater item count. In this drop-down menu, you choose how the blocks of the repeater will be added to the form.

  • Manually. In this case, you add a button to the form, and by clicking on that button, the user can add as many blocks as needed. The label of the button is defined in the Add New Item Label bar;
  • Dynamically. If you have another field in the form and want to use the value of that field as a number of repeater blocks added to the form, use this option. For example, you asked the user to mention the number of people that he/she will be bringing to the restaurant. If you choose that field in the Field items count drop-down, the same number of repeater blocks will be added to the form.

Calculate repeater row value. Every added block of the repeater is counted. That count can be shown further in other fields or used in the formula of the Calculated Field. If you choose the Default option here, the counter will only count the number of added blocks. The Custom option will add a text area for the formula, similar to the one used in the Calculated Field. That formula will be calculated for every repeater block separately, and that value may be used in other fields.

repeater form field calculation formula

Style Settings

repeater form field styling

If you have installed the JetStyleManager plugin, the Block Style button will appear in the top right corner of the editing window. Here are the styling settings you can meet there:

Be aware that every field you add to the repeater block is styled individually.