Save Form Record Action

save form record action

Save Form Record is a post-submit action that stores the form entries in the database and makes them easily аccessible from the dashboard.

This action keeps complete information regarding the forms submitted by a user. It will include the data entered into the form fields, as well as performed post-submit actions and errors.

How to Use Save Form Record Action

Go to WordPress dashboard > JetFormBuilder > Forms. Open a previously created form and proceed to the Post Submit Actions section.

post submit actions section

Unfold it and click on the “New Action” button.

add new action

Select the “Save Form Record” option from the drop-down list. Click on the pencil-shaped button to edit the action and proceed to its settings.

select save form record

If you want to save the user’s IP address and User-Agent data, then enable the Store the IP address and other request headers switcher in a pop-up settings window. Don’t forget to update the action and form itself.

enabling save form record action

The form can be filled in and sent now.

sending a form on the front end

Once it’s submitted, you can proceed to the WordPress Dashboard > JetFormBuilder > Form Records tab.

submitted forms

When you open a submission, there will be a Form Record page displaying complete form information.

Now you know how to store the form data and easily review it in the WordPress dashboard.